About Illusive Reality Animation John Tupper
   Illusive Reality Animation was created in 2000 to visually bring to life the exciting, but often obscure, breakthroughs in science and technology. Since then IR has done animations for NASA, the plant genome project, educational and training videos for dentistry and the tech industry, a 2-timeTelly Award winning short commercial for movie theaters, explainer videos on trenchless plumbing repair and an award winning short film.
  We've only scratched the surface. What else is possible? How about seeing your new home or building before it's built? Maybe you need to show your new invention to venture capital providers, but there's no prototype. We can create it virtually. Want to add CG elements to an indie film? It's definitely possible. So what's your vision? Let's talk.
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  John Tupper is owner and animator at Illusive Reality Animation.
  "My commitment is to creating animation that is elegant and clear and suits your needs and budget. Having been a senior aerospace designer as well as a biomedical research intern at NASA and a general science geek, I am comfortable working with engineers and scientists as well as artists. I look forward to working with you as well." - John Tupper
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